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Asset Recovery and Security

Asset Recovery

Want to save and cut costs when recycling your IT equipment? zyoBYTE's Asset Recovery process can put cash back into your pockets! Your company can be in harms way and vulnerable to viruses and attacks when your IT hardware is not current and your systems and data center is not updated on a regular basis with new IT solutions:


Any equipment found to be obsolete or beyond repair will be de-manufactured in accordance with zyoBYTE's business conduct policy, all current environmental laws, and regulations deemed by zyoBYTE.


After inspection, any IT equipment that is able to be saved will be audited by zyoBYTE TECH's to discover any remaining value. If your equipment still has value in the current market, zyoBYTE has the option to purchase it from you a fair market value.


Every organization and company is under a high amount of pressure to protect their personal, corporate, or non-public information that may exist inside their IT hardware systems. A single data security breach has the potential to put your organization at serious risk for lawsuits, fines, negative publicity, system crashes and poor corporate revenues.

zyoBYTE's secure data service relies on the highest quality drive wiping and strong inventory management controls and our processes are all highly professional. Your companies confidential data is much too important to put in the hands of just any IT recycle company. Your IT security should be your number one priority when disposing of IT assets and hardware.

You want to make sure your recycling vendor is providing your business with every possibility when it comes to compliancy regarding data security and destruction. zyoBYTE will work with you consistently to provide the appropriate data security solution for your individual project or corporation which will meet your every requirement and protect your organization from the risks and liabilities associated with IT security.